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    Krystal G

    I highly recommend Dr.Pajouh for your podiatry needs! He is very caring and attentive. I suffered with foot pain for quite some time, and his treatments diminished the problem. Also, treatment options are affordable if you don't have insurance which is a plus! The staff was friendly and responsive when
    I had questions. I will most definitely be coming back.
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    Elexa F

    Dr. Pajouh has great hours and great staff. This place runs like clockwork! He were able to take x-rays in-house and diagnose my issues right away so that I could begin physical therapy and at-home exercises right away. He gave me thorough information and documents at lightning speed and stopped to answer any question I had about my feet and ankles. I'm feeling so much better! Thank you, Dr. Pajouh and Neighborhood Medical Staff!
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    Barry M

    Dr. Pajouh is extremely professional and one heck of a doctor. This was my first time to visit his clinic. I was very impressed with the staff also. Everybody was very friendly and they really seem to enjoy their job. It speaks volumes about the clinics management. I have some really messed up feet and I am now comfortable with my new doctor. Thanks again to everyone at Dr. Mcelyas and
    Dr Pajouh office. My new one stop shop.
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    Raul P

    He is a great Doctor...and he listened to what was my issues...with my foot....A plus..from Raul Perez disable Hispanic VFW
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    Timothy V

    I was experiencing chronic foot pain and couldn’t figure out what was going on. Dr. Pajouh was thorough and efficient with my care. Dr. Pajouh and his team’s bedside manner were great, they were friendly and knowledgeable. After a few months I am back to normal again and happy with my experience with the back office team.
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    I HIGHLT RECOMMEND Dr. Jonathan! I am getting detailed with this review because its important that o be able to compare your situation to know it this is the right podiatrist for you and I can tell you he’s amazing. I am only 28 years old and for years I wanted soft feet. Pedicures weren’t cutting it for me anymore. My pinky toenails were thick from wearing incorrect shoes. Finally after years of covering up and wasting money at salons I came to see Jon 6 months ago. I was embarrassed and to show my feet. He told me the proper way to trim my nails, prescribed me medication for athletes foot and my toenail. I followed directions and I love my feet! The they are soft like my 6 year old and 1 year old feet I learned pedicures are terrible and they didn’t refer me to a specialist I can’t imagine how many people have these issues and the pedicure people take them without referring them to a podiatrist I will never go back. It’s January and my goal was to have pretty feet and toes before summer thanks to Jon I am ready to show my feet freely I never realized how bad my feet made me feel and how confident good healthy feet can feel! I come back in July for an update as my pinky toenail is still growing takes 12-18 months for these to grow so I am being patient and continuing to apply my medication until instructed not to anymore. Follow the our doctor instructions and you will see results !
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    Kelli K

    i rolled my ankle - the pain and swelling were unlike any similar experience - I went to an urgent care facility, and they advised me to see a specialist... Thus my visit to zocdoc - I needed a physician who accepted my insurance and had saturday appointments... Excellent experience - clean office, friendly staff, and the doctor was amazing! Dr. Pajouh was informative, sincere, and genuine. He advised me what he was looking for as he examined my ankle and why xrays were needed. Then he showed me what he was seeing on the xray and advised me what the best treatment plan was and why... I greatly appreciate Dr. Pajouh and his staff!
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    Lia F

    I feel like I won the lottery. Dr. Pajouh was gentle with my ingrown nail and explained perfectly what to expect with my other wonky toes.
    Thank you, Dr. Pajouh and your assistants. Everything went smoothly.
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    Mercy K

    Dr. Pajouh is super great! Quick and to the point. Fixed my issue and gave me lots of resources with multiple price points. Overall great experience and will be back should anything else arise. I will agree that the front desk staff are a pain to work with, but I like Dr. Pajouh enough to deal with them
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    sylvia W

    From start to finish, the staff was very nice and professional at check-in. I would recommend Dr. Pojouh because he was fantastic!!! He treated my plantar fasciitis and took the time to explain other treatment options. Thank you for brightening my day and giving me some relief.