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    Greg M

    Dr. Pajouh is EXCELLENT! he educated me on my big toe pain and fungal toenails and he and his staff took great care of me!
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    John S

    I sprained my ankle really badly and he took excellent care of me. They took xrays same day and I am back to running and doing my regular exercises! He is awesome!
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    Eric S

    Dr. Pajouh diagnosed my sesamoid fracture after it was missed by multiple doctors. After a month, I was able to go back to running. It’s been 6 months and I can’t say how much I truly appreciate him getting me back to running as it’s one of my only things I truly enjoy with my hectic life style! If you have any foot issues go see him!
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    Mary E

    5 Stars! Dr. Pajouh is great! He diagnosed my 5th metatarsal fracture that the other ortho doctor in the ER missed because they only took ankle pictures. My fracture is all healed now and I am back to running and working out (I work out 2 times a day). He truly cares and goes above an beyond.
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    Fred E

    Best beside manners of any doctor I have seen!
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    Betty S

    Dr. Jonathan is great. I saw another podiatrist initially who said the only way my bunion pain would stop would be immediate surgery. Dr. Jonathan was recommend from one of my close friends. He recommended different shoes as well as custom inserts which have worked great. I have not had any pain over the past 6 months. I’m able to go on my long walks without pain.
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    Jonathan E

    Dr. Pajouh fixed my feet. My heel pain is finally gone! My custom inserts work great!
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    Jose Q

    El médico me arregló el tobillo roto y he vuelto al trabajo sin dolor. el es excelente
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    Samson A

    I came to Dr. Pajouh for a second opinion about a bad ankle sprain I had. The urgent care doctor said everything looked good on the xrays but I was still having foot pain. As soon as he was done with his exam he said for he knew what I had broken but wanted to get xrays to confirm it. They took the xrays and within a few minutes he diagnosed my with my Jones fracture that was missed by the other doctor. I am glad I got the second opinion after taking with him and looking online about these fractures. Dr. Pajouh is down to earth and provided excellent care for my fracture. My fractures healed now and I am in physical therapy! If you hurt your foot or ankle go see him
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    Marty M

    He took great care of my infected ingrown toenail. I don't have insurance and his prices are very reasonable. I went to another office and they wanted $750 to do the procedure. His was much better priced and he took excellent care of me.