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Burning Neuropathic Pain

Picture of Burning Neuropathic Pain

Burning neuropathic pain is a chronic condition characterized by a painful stinging and burning sensation as a result of injury or damage to a nerve or due to malfunctioning of the nervous system. The damaged nerve releases false signals to the pain centers of the brain resulting in the pain sensation. In some cases, this condition is temporary and goes away on its own.

Diabetic Shoe Program

Picture of Diabetic Shoe Program

The diabetic shoe program is a Medicare coverage program that allows diabetic patients to acquire diabetic shoes and orthotics. Diabetic shoes are specially designed to reduce the foot problems in diabetic patients. Medicare also requires a podiatrist or qualified doctor prescribes the shoes and a qualified professional will fit and provide the shoes.


Picture of Gangrene

Gangrene is characterized by tissue death due to the lack of oxygen-rich blood flow to a specific part of the body. This condition usually occurs in the extremities such as the fingers, toes, arms, and legs, but can also occur in the internal tissues. Urgent treatment is required to prevent serious illness or even death.

Fungal Problems (Foot)

Picture of Fungal Problems (Foot)

Fungal infections are common in people with sweaty feet and are often found between the toes, as various fungal pathogens inhabit and breed in the unattended, moist regions of the feet. Though most fungal foot infections are harmless, they can sometimes be persistent and difficult to treat.

Diabetic Foot Conditions

Picture of Diabetic Foot Conditions

Diabetes is a chronic condition that is characterized by high blood glucose (sugar) levels. Diabetic patients are at high risk for developing chronic wounds, especially in the feet. If left untreated, these wounds can cause serious problems that can lead to infections and eventually gangrene, which may require amputation.