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Custom Orthotics


What is a Custom orthotic?

An orthotic is a soft or rigid device that is inserted into your shoe to prevent and treat a wide range of foot an ankle problems for both children and adults.

Orthotics are made from many different materials and come in many shapes and sizes, depending on their purpose. The purpose of an orthotic is to:

Prevent or correct foot or ankle deformities

Correct misalignment of the foot and ankle

Relieve pressure on the foot or ankle

Relieve strain on legs, hips, and back

Support the weak muscles, tendons, or ligaments of the foot or ankle

Improve balance and an altered gait

Improve the overall function of the foot and ankle

Your podiatrist at Neighborhood Foot and Ankle may choose to use a manufactured orthotic or may create a customized orthotic that best fits your foot or ankle.

Why do I need an orthotic?

Your Neighborhood Foot and Ankle podiatrist may prescribe orthotics if you have foot or ankle problems, such as:


Plantar fasciitis


Hammertoe or mallet toe

Heel spurs

Flat foot


Foot or ankle injuries

Diabetic wounds

Gait issues

Congenital foot or ankle problems


Orthotics are useful after foot or ankle surgery to help with healing and rehabilitation, along with physical therapy and other treatments.

What are the different types of orthotics?

Both prefabricated and custom orthotics use materials including felt, plastic, carbon, or a combination of these. They may be rigid, soft, or semi-soft.


The two main types of orthotics include:

Functional orthotics

Designed to treat abnormal foot mechanics, like foot pronation, to reduce shock while walking, and prevent recurrent stress injuries.

Accommodative orthotics

Designed to reduce or eliminate pain and correct foot and ankle problems.

Orthotics include a range of devices, from simple heel supports to braces that support the entire foot and lower leg. The team of podiatrists Neighborhood Foot and Ankle are experts at utilizing orthotics to effectively prevent and treat foot and ankle problems.


To see how orthotics can help you, call or schedule an appointment online with Neighborhood Foot and Ankle today.




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