Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and Nerve Entrapments


Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and Nerve Entrapments

Tarsal tunnel syndrome also known as the carpal tunnel of the foot is a condition where there is a compression or squeezing of the posterior tibial nerve. The tarsal tunnel is a narrow space that lies on the inside of the ankle. This tunnel is covered by a thick ligament known as the flexor retinaculum which protects arteries, veins, nerves and tendons in the tunnel. In tarsal tunnel syndrome, things which cause compression of the nerve results in symptoms. These include foot deformities such as flatfeet, enlarged veins, ganglion cysts, arthritic bones, swollen tendons and even tumors.


  • Burning, tingling, numbness
  • Feeling of electrical shocks
  • Pain shooting down the foot or up the leg


There are a variety of non surgical treatment options including medications, immobilization, physical therapy, orthotics, injections, shoe gear modifications, bracing and for those who fail Dr. Pajouh may recommend surgical options. Make an appointment today with Dr. Jonathan Pajouh to further discuss treatment options and which treatment option best fits you. Dr. Jonathan Pajouh has completed extensive training in nerve entrapment surgeries and well as nerve peripheral nerve reconstruction and is a member of the the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons.


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