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Ankle Replacement Surgery


An ankle arthroplasty also known as a total ankle replacement is a surgical procedure used to treat ankle arthritis. This procedure is typically done for patients with significant wear and tear of their ankle joints in which conservative treatment options have failed. These people typically have suffered injuries in the past such as broken ankles or have conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis where the end result is loss of cartilage resulting in decreased range of motion and pain. Dr. Pajouh may recommend this procedure as a treatment option instead of ankle fusion or distraction ankle arthroplasty in some cases. Every patient is specific and Dr. Pajouh uses state of the art CT imaging to have 3D printed models of your ankle made in some cases to allow for more precision. All surgeries come with possible complications and Dr. Pajouh will discuss those on your scheduled appointment. Dr. Pajouh will discuss if ankle replacement surgery is an option for you.

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